Support Fairtrade

Support Fairtrade

Make Fairtrade your habit.

What can you do?

Look out for FAIRTRADE Marks on products, and on stickers and windows of shops and cafes where Fairtrade products are available. More and more can be found locally.

  • Buy Fairtrade and local produce when you can and encourage others to do the same
  • Ask for Fairtrade in coffee shops, restaurants and hotels
  • Encourage your workplace, church or club to use Fairtrade products for catering and meetings
  • Encourage local shops and supermarkets to stock Fairtrade products
  • Get your school/college involved – does your tuckshop or canteen stock Fairtrade?
  • Get involved – Volunteer to help promote Fairtrade.

Support local produce too!

Fairtrade products from the developing world such as bananas, coffee, cocoa or sugar generally can’t be grown in the UK. However, supporting local trade is also important for small producers in this country. British agriculture is in decline and by buying from local farmers you can help regenerate the rural economy. You will also be cutting down on ‘food miles’ as well as getting a much fresher product. You can buy local produce direct from stalls at the Stratford Farmers’ Market (1st and 3rd Saturday of every month in Rother Market, Stratford). Farm shops, small shops and some local supermarkets are also now stocking local food on their shelves.

Looking to stock or supply Fairtrade products?

Fairtrade products are available from a wide range of suppliers. The Fairtrade Foundation website includes details of wholesale suppliers under its Products tab to help you choose and source the products you would like – check the website or Contact us for more details.