Local Suppliers

Local Suppliers

Fairtrade Stratford first published a list of local businesses and organisations in and around Stratford-upon-Avon that sell Fairtrade products in 2007. Our 2017 update of the directory is given below. Contact us if you sell Fairtrade products and want to be listed or if your entry in the directory needs updating – we can quickly change the list!

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Churches/Faith Groups


Traidcraft is one of the UK’s leading Fairtrade organisations. In this country it supplies a wide range of Fairtrade products – from food and groceries to clothing, crafts and gifts. Here in Stratford you can buy Traidcraft-supplied goods through local churches, at Oxfam or through local Traidcraft suppliers. One local Fairtrader is Hilary Schmidt-Hansen, who is based in Snitterfield and will supply locally or place orders for you. She can be contacted on 01789 731246 or e-mail.

Supplier Products
Aldi, Birmingham Road

0844 406 8800

Coffee, tea, bananas, chocolate bars
Co-op Food, Trinity Mead

01789 293621

Coffee, chocolate bars, drinking chocolate, sugar, bananas, wine, tea
Greggs, 2b Bridge Street

01789 293621

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate
Holland & Barrett, 31 Bridge Street

01789 269893

Green tea, coconut oil, coconut baking flour, coconut cooking butter
Little Market, 124 Clopton Road

01789 268063

Sugar, drinking chocolate, chocolate bars
Marks & Spencer, 29 Bridge Street

01789 292430

Tea, coffee, sugar, bananas, jams, chocolate products, drinking chocolate, wine
Marks & Spencer, Maybird Centre

01789 267675

Tea, coffee, sugar, bananas, jams, chocolate products, drinking chocolate, wine
Oxfam, 28 Wood Street

01789 295943

Tea, coffee, drinking chocolate, biscuits, sugar, honey, chocolate bars, fudge, dried fruit, olive oil, cocoa, nuts, seasonal goods
Pownalls, Stratford Garden Centre, Clifford Chambers

01789 205745

Coffee, chocolate bars, fudge and sweets, tea, drinking chocolate, vanilla essence
Revital Health Foods, 16 High Street

01789 292353

Chocolate bars, coffee, tea, cocoa, hot chocolate, dried fruit, molasses, quinoa, coconut flour, coconut oil, dried pineapple, dried banana chips, dried mango
Sainsbury’s Local, 8-9 Bridge Street

01789 303700

Chocolate buttons and sweets, bananas, peppercorns, sugar
Tesco Supermarket, Birmingham Road

0845 6779641

Bananas, coffee, tea, drinking chocolate, sugar, chocolate bars, wine
Tesco Express, 37-39 Banbury Road

0845 6757174

Bananas, coffee, tea, cocoa, drinking chocolate, chocolate bars
Waitrose, Rosebird Centre

01789 263465

Coffee, tea, sugar, drinking chocolate, chocolate bars, wine, bananas, selected spices, cereal bars

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Restaurants & Cafes
Supplier Products
Debenhams’ Cafe, Wood Street

0844 5616161

Hot chocolate
Emporium Tea Room, Antiques Centre, Ely Street

01789 296024

Coffee, biscuits
Food of Love, 37 Henley Street

01789 261188

Sugar, coffee, decaffinated coffee, cookies
Fresh N’ Funky, 19 Greenhill Street

01789 292903

Sugar, coffee, decaffinated coffee, cookies
Garden Café, 19 Sheep Street

01789 782106

Drinking chocolate
Hathaway Tea Rooms, 19 High Street

01789 264022

Havilands, 4-5 Meer Street

01789 415477

Coffee, drinking chocolate
Mida’s Mediterranean Coffee House, 22 High Street

01789 269583

Coffee, tea
Marks & Spencers Café, Maybird Centre

01789 292430

Coffee, tea, sugar, hot chocolate
Marks & Spencers Café, 29 Bridge Street

01789 262865

Coffee, tea, sugar, hot chocolate
Morrisons’ Café, Alcester Road

01789 267675

Coffee, drinking chocolate, tea
No 37 Café, Sheep Street

01789 209956

Coffee, juices
Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Waterside

01789 403449

Coffee, drinking chocolate, sugar, tea
Starbucks, 10 High Street

01789 268989

Coffee, chocolate bars, chocolate chunk shortbread, bananas
Stratford Picturehouse, Windsor Street

01789 415214

Chocolate sweets, coffee, tea, sugar
 The Cornish Bakery, Henley Street

01789 290186

Waitrose Café, Rosebird Centre

01789 263465

Coffee, tea, drinking chocolate, sugar

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Churches/Faith Groups
Supplier Products
Holy Trinity Church of England, Old Town

01789 266316

Fairtrade supporter
St Andrews Church of England, Church Lane, Shottery

01789 293381

Fairtrade supporter
St James Church of England, Snitterfield Fairtrade supporter
Stratford Methodist Church, Old Town

01789 298835

Fairtrade supporter, Fairtrade stall
Stratford Baptist Church, Payton Street

01789 414205

Fairtrade supporter
Stratford Quakers, Maidenhead Road

01789 299950

Fairtrade supporter

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