About Fairtrade

About Fairtrade

Farmers and workers in the developing world who produce our tea, coffee, cocoa, bananas and more are often very poor. They struggle to survive within a system of world trade that is not fair. Fairtrade means that these producers are paid a fair price for their products and workers benefit from labour, social and enviornmental standards, with decent working conditions, no child labour and no exploitation. The Fairtrade price sets the minimum to be received: if market prices rise above that level, the producers receive the higher price. This means that they can provide the basic necessities for their families and send their children to school. In addition a Fairtrade premium is paid to the whole community to be used for projects such as provision of clean water.

Fairtrade is not about charity – if producers are paid a fair price for their products, they do not need charity. By changing to Fairtrade certified products you can make a real difference to the lives of workers and farmers in developing countries.

How do I know if something is Fairtrade?

Look for the FAIRTRADE Mark. The FAIRTRADE Mark is an independent product certification label, licensed by the Fairtrade Foundation, the independent certification body in the UK and a not-for-profit organisation.

The Mark guarantees producers in the developing world:

  • Decent wages
  • Minimum health and safety standards
  • A fair and stable price and a social premium for the community
  • A long-term trading relationship
  • A commitment to better environmental standards
  • The right for workers to join a union

Please be wary of companies claiming to provide “fair trade” or “ethically traded” goods that do not carry the FAIRTRADE Mark.

What Fairtrade products are available?

There are now more than 3000 Fairtrade products available in the UK – everything from teas and coffees to wine, flowers, biscuits, fruit juices, chocolates, snack bars, muesli and even footballs. More details can be found on the Fairtrade Foundation’s website.

And you can click here to view the products available in Stratford-upon-Avon.